Accrington 2012 (UK Sex Offences) Shahid Hussain 38, Amjad Hussain 34, Tanveer Butt 39 & Stephanie Knight 19

Burnley and Preston courts. Victims 2 x 16 yo/Abusers 19-39 yo. Offences 2009, trial 2011. Stephanie Knight. Rochdale. Hussain brothers shouted that they were innocent as they were convicted.


Name Age Charges Sentence PED Date
Shahid Hussain of Drake Street, Rochdale 38 x jailed indefinitely Min to serve 7.5  years
Amjad Hussain of Sharples Street, Accrington 34 x jailed indefinitely Min to serve 7.5  years
Tanveer Butt of St Alban’s Street, Rochdale 39 x jailed indefinitely Min to serve 7.5  years
Stephanie Knight (formerly of Queen Street, Rawtenstall) 19 conspiracy to rape sentenced to seven years

(PED) Parole Eligibility Date

PLEASE NOTE: all search attempts on failed to reveal any information of these cases

1.0 Article Title: Girl of 17 plied white teenagers with vodka then forced them into sex with gangs of Asian men
Article Link:
Date-stamped: 03 August 2011
Time-stamped: 19:05 AEST
Author: Chris Greenwood & Jaya Narain

Article Lead In: A young woman lured two white teenage girls to be raped by three Asian men with the promise of a night out. Stephanie Knight, then 17, told the pair they were going clubbing but instead plied them with vodka and drugs before forcing them to have sex with ‘her boys’. After persuading them into her car she was heard to say ‘got them’ over her mobile phone as they travelled to a derelict house. The two 16-year-old victims were then subjected to an appalling ordeal in which both were threatened and subjected to vile sex attacks.

2.0 Article Title: 7 years for teenager who lured girls to gang rape (A GIRL who lured two other white teenagers to an empty house where they were raped by three Asian men was jailed for seven years yesterday)
Article Link:
Date-stamped: 03 Sep 2011
Time-stamped: 00:00
Author: Tony Brooks

Article Lead In: Stephanie Knight, then 17, promised to take the 16-year-olds clubbing but instead drove them to a supermarket car park. There they smoked cannabis and were plied with vodka before being driven to the terrace house where they were repeatedly raped and subjected to other horrific sexual attacks. Knight, now 19, who has been in care since she was 11, was heard to say “got them” on her mobile phone, a court heard. At the house, which had no electricity or furniture, Shahid Hussain, 38, his brother Amjad, 34, who once lived there, and their cousin Tanveer Butt, 39, took it in turns to abuse the girls.

Article Title: Men jailed for raping girls lured to house
Article Link:
Date-stamped: 7 SEP 2011 | 21 JAN 2013
Time-stamped: 09:00 | 18:08 2013
Author: Manchester Evening News

Article Lead In: Three men have been jailed indefinitely for raping two teenage girls who were lured to a house by a woman they believed to be their friend. Shahid Hussain, 38, of Drake Street, Rochdale, his brother Amjad Hussain, 34, of Sharples Street, Accrington, and their cousin Tanveer Butt, of St Alban’s Street, Rochdale, raped the two girls after they were taken to the house by Stephanie Knight. Knight, who was 17 at the time, lied to her victims that they were going out to a nightclub. Instead they were plied with alcohol and drugs before they were taken from Blackburn to a derelict house in Accrington and attacked by the three men. One of the girls, who can not be named for legal reasons, was subjected to a ‘terrifying ordeal’ of rape, Preston Crown Court heard. While she was crying out for help, Knight and married father-of-four Butt stopped her friend from going to help. Knight told her ‘she is just chilling with my boys’. Knight, now 19, wanted the other teenager, who was also raped, to perform a sex act on one of the men but she refused. Her former boyfriend, Amjad Hussain, then sexually assaulted both girls as he drove them home in December 2009. Knight, who had been in local authority care since the age of 11, earlier told a jury she first met Amjad Hussain six months earlier when he pulled up beside her in the street in his car and asked for her mobile phone number. They went on to have a sexual relationship and she said she fell in love with him. Knight, formerly of Queen Street, Rawtenstall, was sentenced to seven years in a young offenders’ institution after being convicted of conspiracy to rape and aiding and abetting rape…

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