POLITICAL Disent or is it actually Sedition & Seditious Conspiracy – George Soros & “Democracy Alliance”

George Soros & “Democracy Alliance”

free-lunch-00Read what this organization is about and you will see clearly its totally politically driven vision which is working to placing power in the hands of those who fund its existance and its not the masses.

The benefactors are to be the special interest globalists groups, Oh yes theres lots of bait but watch out theres a real hook and once it gets you hooked YOU the catch is good on the Globalists BBQ TO ROAST!!!! 

George Soros is not doing what hes doing for you hes doing it for Himself and all his Globalist mates! you are just pawns being played the fool.

BEWARE: No such thing as a free lunch

BEWARE: Where theres free bait there is also the hook awaiting you!

George Soros & “Democracy Alliance”

The Democracy Alliance (DA) has funneled upwards of $500 million toward liberal activist groups and candidates since Soros co-founded the group in 2005. DA requires all members — which in 2016 includes more than 100 “finance titans” — to donate at least $200,000 a year to approved activist groups.

Therefore, at this year’s meeting, Soros and other liberal leaders — including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison — will discuss opposing Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, a plan the DA called “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements, and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.” Source: www.thepoliticalinsider.com




Am I confused? what George Soro’s is doing in USA is Sedition & Seditious Conspiracy


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